Global Wave actions from nuclear weapons bases and facilities

Nuclear abolition campaigners undertook a number of actions at nuclear weapons bases and facilities in the United States and other countries on April 26/27 as part of Global Wave 2015 – a world-wide action to ‘wave goodbye to nuclear weapons.’

The Global Wave action swept around the world as world leaders gathered in New York for the 2015 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. The Global Wave sent a message to the governments – it’s time to agree to a plan to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. It’s time to wave goodbye to nuclear weapons. 

The wave was launched at the Peace and Planet rally in New York at approximately 1:30pm on Sunday April 26 with over 4000 people waving goodbye to nuclear weapons. It then swept around the world in 24 hours with over 100 exciting Global Wave actions in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America. 

There were waves at schools & universities, homes & workplaces, city halls & parliaments, places of worship & interfaith gatherings, peace monuments & museums, at music festivals & sports events, at conferences and special anniversary events.

 There were also waves at nuclear weapons deployment sites, production facilities and command and control centres, including:

In addition there was Global Wave action on Earth Day at the Henry Jackson Federal Building in Seattle USA by Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, the network of activists that organises blockades of the US nuclear Trident submarine base in Bangor, Seattle. (See Global Wave Seattle photo). 

And there were numerous Global Wave actions in most of the nuclear armed States (China, France, India, Pakistan, Russia, UK and the USA), in most of the nuclear sharing States (Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands) and many of the allied States under extended nuclear deterrence relationships (Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Norway and Romania). 

Global Wave 2015 tweeted photos and videos of many of these waves as government representatives gave their opening statements at the 2015 NPT Review Conference. The Global Wave message was clear – it’s time to wave goodbye to nuclear weapons.