Global Wave from down-under – action towards nuclear abolition!

Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington the capital city of nuclear-free Aotearoa New Zealand, has joined Global Wave 2015, and has called on cities around the world to also join.

Most of the governments in the world will be meeting at the United Nations for four weeks in April – May to discuss nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament as part of the five-yearly Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference.

Ms Wade-Brown, who is an Executive Member of Mayors for Peace, has called on the 6000 member cities of the network to urge governments to agree at the NPT Review Conference to commence a diplomatic process to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons, and to redirect the $100 billion nuclear weapons budget to addressing real security concerns such as climate change and global poverty.  

‘Just one nuclear weapon detonated on a city would create horrific human and environmental consequences,’ says Mayor Wade-Brown. ‘The fact that there are 16,000 nuclear weapons in the arsenals of the nuclear weapon States, many primed and ready for use within minutes, creates an unacceptable threat not only to cities, but to civilisation.’

Rather than going to New York to lobby governments at the conference, which would add to the carbon footprint impacting on our climate, Mayor Wade-Brown is calling on mayors and city councillors to act in their own towns and cities to ‘Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons.’  (See No nukes, no carbon footprint). 

‘With social media and global communications we can ‘think global and act global’ from our own towns and cities,’ says Mayor Wade-Brown. ‘With creative ‘waves’ from homes, schools, workplaces, sports clubs, city councils, parliaments etc… we can engage citizens locally, and support governments who are advancing nuclear abolition proposals at the NPT Review Conference.’ 

2015 is the hundredth anniversary of the use of chemical weapons in WWI and the 70th anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ‘These sobering reminders of the horror of weapons of mass destruction should inspire us to ensure that such weapons are prohibited and eliminated – the only guarantee that they will not be used again,’ says Ms Wade-Brown.

‘New Zealand has taken a lead in this by abolishing nuclear weapons in national legislation – a move inspired by the very many local bodies that declared themselves nuclear-weapons-free in the early 1980s.’ says Ms Wade-Brown. ‘Mayors for Peace is now activating cities around the world to achieve a global prohibition on nuclear weapons.’ 

Global Wave 2015 will start with a ‘wave goodbye to nuclear weapons’ at a peace rally in New York on April 26, and then proceed westward around the world arriving back in New York on April 27 for the opening of the NPT Review Conference at the United Nations.

Mayor Wade-Brown will post a ‘wave goodbye to nuclear weapons’ on social media on 27 April 2015. In addition, she has sent a letter to the Mayors for Peace network encouraging other member Mayors to join Global Wave 2015.