‘Goodbye nukes wave’ from Solar Valley, China

Huang Ming is a visionary, dedicated, and passionate entrepreneur and change-maker in the field of solar thermal energy. He set up the Solar Valley in Dezhou as a national and global example for solar as a realistic alternative to fossil and nuclear energy and rising CO2 emissions. Over 2000 students study solar technology, solar energy products, engineering and business. 

In 2005, as a young member of the Chinese People’s Congress (parliament), Huang Ming was instrumental in getting the Renewable Energy Law passed in China, thus building a strong case for his country to take a leading role in preventing growing climate chaos.

In 2011 he was awarded the prestigious Right Livelihood Award (‘Alternative Nobel Peace Prize’) for his ‘outstanding success in the development and mass-deployment of cutting-edge technologies for harnessing solar energy, thereby showing how dynamic emerging economies can contribute to resolving the global crisis of anthropogenic climate change.’

Huang Ming aims to protect the ‘blue sky and white clouds of future generations,’ from the threats to the planet by CO2 emissions, nuclear weapons and other existential threats. He joins Global Wave 2015 to ‘Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons’ with young colleagues from Solar Valley. (Click here to see a video of their wave action). 

Nine countries, including China, possess nuclear weapons. Five other countries host nuclear weapons on their territories. They have an obligation to negotiate for complete nuclear disarmament. So far, they have resisted. 

However, from April 27-May 22 nuclear weapon States and non-nuclear weapon States will be meeting at the United Nations in New York to discuss nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. Global Wave is part of the Peace and Planet mobilisation which is calling on the governments to agree to the elimination of nuclear weapons, and to re-invest the US$100 billion global nuclear weapons budget into areas of social need such as eliminating poverty, addressing climate change, and ensuring basic health care and education world-wide. (Tell the leaders of the nuclear armed States to ‘wave goodbye’ to their nuclear weapons).

Global Wave is a way for people all over the world to make an impact on the government meeting without having to travel to New York (which would add more CO2 to the atmosphere). No nuclear weapons, no carbon footprint

Organise a simple ‘Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons’. Take a video or photo and send to Global Wave 2015. We will present the wave actions to the governments in New York to show them the strength of public support for nuclear abolition.

Join Huang Ming and other Right Livelihood Laureates doing Global Wave actions, such as Swami Agnivesh (a Global Wave action in front of the Indian Parliament in New Delhi) and Alyn Ware (see Prague: 1800 steps to a nuclear-weapon-free world). For other examples of inspiring Global Wave actions see Global Wave News.