Bike away the bomb – Global waves from Washington to the United Nations

Meet Tore Nærland. In 1977 he co-founded Bike for Peace and rode from Seattle on the west coast of the United States to Washington DC on the East coast to promote peace and nuclear disarmament. Since then Bike for Peace has organized peace and friendship rides in more than 104 countries.

And meet Thore Vestby, Mayor of Frogn (Norway), Vice President Mayors for Peace and a Member of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament. 

Mayor Vestby has joined Tore Nærland on peace bike rides through most of the nuclear-armed States, plus some other countries. Along the way they have met political, religious and civil society leaders, including most recently Pope Francis, to discuss the imperative for nuclear abolition.  

Together Tore and Thore will be riding from Washington DC to New York just before the 2015 NPT Review Conference in order to draw attention to the growing worldwide threat of nuclear weapons and to call on governments at the conference to agree to nuclear abolition.  

Their ride, which is called Bike Away the Nuclear Bombs, will start with a ‘Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons’ on Capitol Hill in Washington on April 24 and end with a ‘Wave goodbye to nuclear weapons’ in front of the United Nations on April 24. Additional ‘wave’ may happen spontaneously along the Bike away the nuclear bombs route.

They will be joined for the entire ride by Frank Tomlinson (vice president Bike for Peace), Svein Arne Jerstad (Mayor of Kvinesdal) and Ann Suellentrop (an anti-nuclear activist from Kansas City). Other riders, including Olympic gold medalist Vladimir Smirnoc and members of the Potomac Pedalers Touring Club,will join for parts of the ride. 

The initiative is co-sponsored by Mayors for Peace and the ATOM Project. Both organisations are actively promoting Global Wave 2015. See: 

·         Karipbek Kuyukov, Honorary Ambassador of the ATOM Project: I have no arms, but I wave goodbye to nuclear weapons·         Mayor Celia Wade-Brown: Global Wave from down-under – action towards nuclear abolition!·         Mayors for Peace: After waving goodbye to nuclear weapons, please wave “Bon Voyage!” to the child-survivors.