Organise A Global Wave Action In Your Town Or City 

Where-ever you are, you can wave goodbye to nuclear weapons.

Be creative or make it simple. Actions can be done: 

  •          with 3 people or 300 or 30,000 
  •          at your school or workplace
  •          in the city market place or at home
  •          at parliament or at city hall
  •          at your sports club/match or at a disco
  •          on a mountain or under water
  •          on bikes or in a hot air balloon. 

Use your hands to wave goodbye to nukes – or make symbolic hands. 

 Use the Global Wave logo on t-shirts or on symbolic hands or as part of the background.

Publicise Global Wave 2015 using our simple flyer or poster or create your own.

But most important: Take some photos or make a video of your wave. Send these to us for posting online and showing to the governments at the NPT Review Conference in New York